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Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:Chicago!, Illinois, United States of America

I sew, knit, and work in a used bookstore.

My LJ profile is a good place to start, but it's SO OLD.

I make things. I do things. I love a lot of things.

Read, and you'll learn.

Interests (150):

aesthetic apparatus, alcohol, alkaline trio, alt country, amy hempel, ancient shenanigan, apples, armageddon, australia, awesome!, badges, band aids, bandanas, baseball, bass guitar, bats, beer, being awesome, being prepared for anything, bicycle, bike, bikes, bird machine, blanket forts, blood, bones, books, books about books, bookstores, booze, boys, boys with glasses, bruises, building things, buzzpop, canada, candy, cemeteries, chambana, chaos, cheap trick, cheese, chicago, chuck taylors, coffee, crafting, curls, cyberpunk, day of the dead, death, dfw, dillinger four, dive bars, drinking, dude, dying, essays, facts, football, funerals, gaffer tape, glasses, good design, graveyards, halloween, injuries, jawbreaker, jay ryan, jeff noon, kill your boyfriend, kinky, knee socks, knitting, knowledge, learning, letters, librarians, light bulb jokes, m. t. anderson, making out, making shit, making things, maps, marcel dzama, marina city, minneapolis, miscellany, mix tapes, moleskine, monkeys, monsters, my mom, neckbeard army, non sequiturs, non-fiction, northwest indiana, not being cynical, off with their heads!, office supplies, orange, pens, philip bond, photo booths, pizza, pop punk, power pop, power tools, pro-choice, punk rock, reading, records, rock*a*teens, rushmore, san francisco, scabs, scars, sewing, sewing machines, sharpies, skeletons, skinned knees, skulls, sleep, sporks, squirrels, stnnng, sugar, swiss army knives, tattoos, the arrivals, the copyrights, the invisibles, the mountain goats, the ramones, the region, the thermals, the weakerthans, trivia, used books, useless facts, vans, velocipedes, wales, whiskey, wicker park, winnipeg, words, wrenching, yorkie bars,
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